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ISB-TS45D Infrared Thermopile Sensor

ISB-TS45D Infrared Thermopile Sensor

ISB-TS45D Infrared Thermopile Sensor

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Product Highlights

  1. Detection angle: 90°
  2. Thermopile resistance: 95 to 140 KΩ
  3. Noise voltage: 45 nV/Hz1/2
  4. NEP: 0.27 nW/Hz1/2
  5. Voltage Response: 20.11 Vmm2/w
  6. Responsivity: 124

Infrared Thermopile Sensor can measure the temperature without contact by detecting the infrared energy of an object. And the higher the temperature, the more infrared energy is produced.

Thermopile sensing elements consist of small thermocouples on silicon chips that absorb energy and produce output signals. ISB-TS45D Infrared Thermopile Sensor can be widely used in non-contact temperature measurement. This product consists of infrared filters, thermistors, and other components, and packaged by TO-46Made of metal, it has high reliability and high sensitivity.


Non-contact temperature measurement Ear thermometer, forehead thermometer Industrial continuous temperature control

Design restrictions:

The sensor is designed for indoor use.

Make sure to use the suitable optical filters and moisture-proof structures in outdoor applications using.

In order to prevent the secondary failures caused by operational failures or malfunctions, the fail-safe features can be added in advance.

Use restrictions:

In order to prevent sensor failure, operational failure or any other malfunction, do not use this sensor under the conditions below.

  1. A.Severe changes in ambient temperature.
  2. B.Strong vibration or vibration.
  3. C.The detecting area is full of barrier material (glass, fog, etc.)
  4. D.In liquids, corrosive gases, and seawater.
  5. E.Continuous use in a high-humidity atmosphere.
  6. F.Static electric field or strong electromagnetic radiation.
  7. G.Corrosive gas or sea breeze.
  8. H.Dirty and dusty environment that may contaminate the optical window.

Welding restrictions:

  1. A.Soldering with soldering iron. The welding temperature should be under 260°C in 10 seconds. Long time overheating of the sensor pins should be avoided.
  2. B.All flux must be washed off after soldering and rinsed with a brush. Using an ultrasonic cleaner may cause performance problems.
  3. Usage restrictions
  4. Use and sell should be under any applicable law or regulation.
  5. The sensor failure caused by incorrect handling or storage is not the responsibility of the manufacturer.


  1. TO-46 package High sensitivity NTC thermistor compensation
  2. Fast response 5μm Long-wave pass filter
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