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Heat Shrink Tube 10mm Diameter (1 Meter) Red

Heat Shrink Tube 10mm Diameter (1 Meter) Red

Heat Shrink Tube 10mm Diameter (1 Meter) Red

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Product Highlights 

  • Exceptional insulation characteristics.
  • Stress control properties.
  • High strength and resilience.
  • Quick shrinkage and stable performance.
  • Convenient to use and can be contracted by oven and hot air guns.
  • Commercial grade for electrical, electronic, automotive and general industrial markets.
  • Long-term weather and regular wear and tear resistance.

Heat Shrink Tube/Pipe - 10 mm (1 meter)

Generally used to bundle wires and very commonly used to seal electrical joints and prevent wire joints from corrosion & abrasion. These High performance 2:1 heat shrink material tubes, bundles, and protects cables; wire and hoses are used for a wide range of DIY applications. It is used extensively for cable and wire harnessing, strain relief, insulation, color-coding, identification, and protection.


  1. Length : 1 meter (Quantity purchase will get in one length piece - Max 100 meters in 1 roll)
  2. Color:     Red
  3. Brand: WOER
  4. Diameter (mm):   10
  5. Shrink Temperature (°C) :90
  6. Operating Temperature (°C) :-40 to 125
  7. Tensile Strength (MPa) :≥10.4
  8. Shrink Ratio :2:1
  9. Elongation Ratio :≥200%
  10. Radial Shrinking Ratio :≥50%
  11. Dielectric Strength :≥15 kV/mm
  12. Corrosion of Bare Copper :No Corrosion
  13. Heat Shock :No Cracking
  14. Cold Bend :No Cracking
  15. Flammability :VW-1
  16. Concentricity :≥65%
*Note: Product may be differ as per shown in image