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RGEF300 PPTC Fuses for Speaker Protection (Pack of 5)

RGEF300 PPTC Fuses for Speaker Protection (Pack of 5)

RGEF300 PPTC Fuses for Speaker Protection (Pack of 5)

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Brand: Generic

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Warehouse Code: R00013-S04-P06-Z01

Product Highlights :

  • Pack of 5
  • Usage/Application : Battery Chargers
  • Fuse Type : PPTC Resettable
  • Color : Yellow
  • Material : Ceramic and Aluminium
  • Voltage : 60V
  • Current Rating: 3A

RGEF300 PPTC Fuses for Speaker Protection (Pack of 5)

PolySwitch will protect against electrical (current) overload and will protect speakers in most situations. They are not foolproof and will not protect against mechanical overload. Select the device based on its trip (power rating in watts). For example, you need to protect a tweeter that will handle 10 watts RMS and its rated at 8 ohms you would select an RXE075 device. If in doubt, be conservative. Some experimentation may be necessary since music signals can vary a great deal. Simply connect in series with the speakers you wish to protect.

How RGEF300 PPTC Fuses for Speaker Protection works :
When the operating current of the protector is exceeded the interior of the device partially melts, which suddenly increases the volume which increases the resistance drastically. This in turn reduces the current. The device stays in this state while the current is maintained because its temperature is elevated. Once the current is removed, the device re- establishes itself almost immediately, so that the low resistance value is restored.

Applications of RGEF300 PPTC Fuses for Speaker Protection (Pack of 5) :
  1. Consumer and Industrial
  2. Satellite video receivers
  3. Industrial controls
  4. Transformers
  5. Computer motherboards
  6. Modems
  7. USB hubs, ports, and peripherals
  8. IEEE 1394 ports
  9. CD-ROMs
  10. Game machines
  11. Battery packs
  12. Phones
  13. Fax machines
  14. Analog and digital line cards
  15. Printers
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