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MAX186CCPP+ Low Power 8-Channel Serial 12-Bit ADC Maxim DIP-20 Package

MAX186CCPP+ Low Power 8-Channel Serial 12-Bit ADC Maxim DIP-20 Package

MAX186CCPP+ Low Power 8-Channel Serial 12-Bit ADC Maxim DIP-20 Package

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Product Highlights

  • 8-Channel Single-Ended or 4-Channel Differential Inputs
  •  Single +5V or ±5V Operation
  •  Low Power: 1.5mA (Operating Mode) 2µA (Power-Down Mode)
  •  Internal Track/Hold, 133kHz Sampling Rate
  •  Internal 4.096V Reference (MAX186)
  •  SPI-/QSPI-/MICROWIRE-/TMS320-Compatible 4-Wire Serial Interface
  • Software-Configurable Unipolar or Bipolar Inputs
  • 20-Pin PDIP, SO, SSOP Packages

The MAX186 are 12-bit data-acquisition systems that combine an 8-channel multiplexer, high bandwidth track/hold, and serial interface together with high conversion speed and ultra-low power consumption. The devices operate with a single +5V supply or dual ±5V supply. The analog inputs are software configurable for unipolar/bipolar and single-ended/differential operation. The 4-wire serial interface directly connects to SPI, QSPI™, and MICROWIRE® devices without external logic. A serial strobe output allows direct connection to TMS320 family digital signal processors.

The MAX186 uses either the internal clock or an external serial-interface clock to perform successive approximation A/D conversions. The serial interface can operate beyond 4MHz when the internal clock is used. The MAX186 has an internal 4.096V reference. The MAX186 provides a hard-wired SHDN pin and two software-selectable power-down modes. Accessing the serial interface automatically powers up the devices, and the quick turn-on time allows the MAX186 to be shut down between every conversion. Using this technique of powering down between conversions, supply current can be cut to under 10µA at reduced sampling rates. The MAX186 is available in 20-pin PDIP and SO packages, and in a shrink small-outline package (SSOP), that occupies 30% less area than an 8-pin PDIP.


  • Portable Data Logging
  • Data-Acquisition
  • High-Accuracy Process Control
  • Automatic Testing
  • Robotics
  • Battery-Powered Instruments
  • Medical Instruments


  • Internal Track/Hold, 133kHz Sampling Rate
  •  SPI-/QSPI-/MICROWIRE-/TMS320-Compatible 4-Wire Serial Interface
  •  Software-Configurable Unipolar or Bipolar Inputs
  •  20-Pin PDIP, SO, SSOP Packages
  •  Evaluation Kit Available
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