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LED Round Shape Through Hole Blue Red Yellow Green & White 3mm (Pack of 50)

LED Round Shape Through Hole Blue Red Yellow Green & White 3mm (Pack of 50)

LED Round Shape Through Hole Blue Red Yellow Green & White 3mm (Pack of 50)

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  • Brand: Generic
  • SKU: RM018237
Warehouse Code: R00009-S05-P06-Z01

Product Highlights:

  • Color – Blue Red Green Yellow & White
  • Quantity - 50 Pcs (10 Pcs each color)
  • Forward Voltage: 3.0-3.1V
  • This is a very standard LED. The lens is 3mm in diameter and it is diffused.
  • Use a 120 Ohm resistor or greater if you power the led from a 5V source.

Enhanced Lighting Experience: Upgrade your lighting setup with the UNIVERSAL HUB 5mm Leds Combo. This combo includes 100 high-quality multicolor LEDs, with 50 pieces of each color (Red, Blue, White, Green, Yellow), providing a vibrant and eye-catching illumination.

Advanced Diode Technology: Our LEDs are built with advanced diode technology, ensuring efficient and reliable performance. These LEDs are designed to conduct electricity in one direction, guaranteeing a stable and consistent flow of power.

Durable and Protected: The 5mm Multi color LEDs feature a protective epoxy dome that encases the anvil post, providing durability and safeguarding the delicate components. This design ensures long-lasting usage and protection against external factors.

Easy Installation: With the UNIVERSAL HUB 5mm Leds Combo, polarity matching is made simple. Just connect the LEDs to a power source with the required input voltage (3v-3.2v), and watch them light up instantly. No complicated setup or additional components needed.

Optimal Brightness: Our LEDs are optimized for brightness, utilizing a 3.2v DC input for the best lighting performance. Each color LED is designed to operate at a specific forward voltage, ensuring optimal brightness and energy efficiency.

Package Includes:-

10 x Blue Led

10 x Green Led

10 x Red Led

10 x Yellow Led

10 x White Led

*Note: Product may be differ as per shown in image
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