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Green 22 mm 12V-24 V Momentory Metal Switch

Green 22 mm 12V-24 V Momentory Metal Switch

Green 22 mm 12V-24 V Momentory Metal Switch

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Product Highlights

  1. Operation Type Latching
  2. LED Voltage: 24V
  3. Switch Head Shape Flat Head
  4. Switch Poles 1 Pole
  5. Indication Color: Green

This Latching Metal Pushbutton is a perfect choice if you are in need of a heavy-duty push-button. These metal push buttons are very tough, small, panel-mount latching switches with an illuminated Green LED Ring symbol. It is an SPST with 22mm threading. This button is perfect for basic On/Off functions. The overall length (including leads) is 1.5″ and has small solder lugs for connection. These Latching buttons are rated up to 3A and 250VAC while the LED is rated for 12V-24V.

Note: We can carefully manufacture this switch with the best quality contacts, springs, and metal cases. This is not a low-cost switch with false output ratings. Use only ProMax Industrial grade switches for the best quality and life.

The Indication LED has its own 2 Pins, it can be turned on by 12V-24VPower and can be controlled independently from the switch. If you are controlling a 5V Load through the switch, you can connect the output of the switch to the LED pins and light up the LED only when the switch is on. The LED light can also be turned on from a 12V-24V Signal from a Microcontroller, PLC, etc.

This is SPST Single pole switch with  C, NO, and NC terminals. This allows you to control up to 1 device or load wires independently. If you use an SPST switch for input power or battery power input you can switch live power wire using this switch for power isolation when the switch is off.


Brand: ProMax

Model: PPS22024GRL-11F

Panel Mount Industrial Switches with Inbuilt Indication

Switch Thread Size: 22mm

No of Poles: 1 Pole. (C, NO, and NC Terminals)

Pin Termination: Crimp Style

Switch Max. Load Rating: 250V 3A AC

Switch Operation MTBF: 50,000 cycles

LED Life: 50,000 working hours

LED Type: Green with Ring Symbol

LED Operating Voltage: 12V-24V

Stainless Steel Body

IP65 Waterproof Rating

Tamper Resistant

Latching Type Operation

Green LED Ring Symbol.

*Note: Product may be differ as per shown in image
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