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ATtiny45 Microcontroller

ATtiny45 Microcontroller

ATtiny45 Microcontroller

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Product Highlights

  • Operating voltage: min 1.8V DC to 5.5V DC max
  • Current: 300uA in use & 0.1uA
  • Sleep mode: 1.8V
  •  flash memory: 4 kbytes

ATtiny45 is a small-size microcontroller available in 8-pin dip and other packages. It is the latest design microcontroller & it contains a variety of built-in features which are not available in that size and kind of microcontroller previously. The internal design is built to obtain very less power which makes it ideal for battery-operated, solar-powered, and portable devices. It can also be used to shrink small Arduino projects. However, the user must note that it cannot perform as the ATmega328p because due to its size and design it contains less flash memory, EEPROM, and SRAM but if the program code comes under these limits then you are ready to go. Moreover, the 4 kilobytes of flash memory 256 bytes of SRAM & 256 bytes of EEPROM are quite enough to run a variety of programs that you run on ATmega328p. For example, you can attach sensors, send data, and almost any simple task that you perform with Arduino.


  1. solar-based projects
  2. Home, Office, faction-based based applications
  3. Weather systems & applications
  4. Wireless data transfer & communication applications
  5. Security-based projects
  6. Medical & health related devices
  7. Automobile applications
  8. Project can be Build with ATtiny45 Microcontroller

Automated Battery Tester.

  1. Mini PCB Violin.
  2. Jar of Fire Flies.
  3. Canbot.
  4. DodowDIY.
  5. Game Console PCB.
  6. Countdown Timer.
  7. Tiny FM Radio


  1. High efficiency design
  2. Low Power consumption
  3. Total six analog inputs
  4. Minimum cycles per instruction design or Advance RISC
  5. Programming lock feature for code security
  6. Universal Serial Interface feature
  7. Two pulse width modulation channels­
  8. Watchdog programmable Timer & Oscillator


  1. Operating voltage: min 1.8V DC to 5.5V DC max
  2. Current: 300uA in use & 0.1uA
  3. Sleep mode: 1.8V
  4.  flash memory: 4 kbytes
  5. SRAM: 256b
  6. EEPROM: 256b
  7. Circuitry contains Registers: 32
  8. Total six I/O pins
  9. Built in two 8-bit timers one is high speed and other is compare mode.
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