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833H 1C C DC 12V 7A 5Pin Relay

833H 1C C DC 12V 7A 5Pin Relay

833H 1C C DC 12V 7A 5Pin Relay

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Warehouse Code: R00022-S01-P05-Z01

Product Highlights :

  • Voltage Rating : 12V
  • Current : 7A
  • PCB Mount
  • Pins : 5
  • Voltage Rating : 12V

833H 1C C DC 12V 7A 5Pin Relay :

A relay is an electrically operated switch. It consists of a set of input terminals for a single or multiple control signals, and a set of operating contact terminals. The switch may have any number of contacts in multiple contact forms, such as making contacts, break contacts or combinations thereof.

Relays are used where it is necessary to control a circuit by an independent low-power signal, or where several circuits must be controlled by one signal. Relays were first used in long-distance telegraph circuits as signal repeaters : they refresh the signal coming in from one circuit by transmitting it on another circuit. Relays were used extensively in telephone exchanges and early computers to perform logical operations.

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