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820K Ohm 0805 Size SMD Resistors (Pack of 20)

820K Ohm 0805 Size SMD Resistors (Pack of 20)

820K Ohm 0805 Size SMD Resistors (Pack of 20)

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Product Highlights

  • Small size and lightweight
  • High reliability
  • Metal glaze thick film resistive element and three layers of electrodes
  • Compatible with placement machines
  • Taping packaging available
  • Suitable for both reflow and flow soldering

An "820K Ohm 0805 Size SMD Resistor (Pack of 20)" refers to a package containing a set of 1000 individual surface-mount device (SMD) resistors, each with a resistance value of 820,000 ohms (820 kilohms or 820K ohms). These resistors are designed to be mounted directly onto a circuit board's surface and are commonly used in electronic circuits for various purposes, such as current limiting, voltage division, and signal conditioning.

The term "0805 Size" indicates the physical dimensions of the resistor package. In the electronics industry, components like resistors are often categorized by their package size, which helps determine their physical dimensions and handling during assembly. The "0805" size is a common package size, measuring approximately 0.08 inches by 0.05 inches (2.0 mm by 1.25 mm).

The "Pack of 1000" specifies that the package contains a bulk quantity of 1000 individual resistors, each with an 820K ohm resistance value. This type of packaging is useful for manufacturing processes, prototyping, or projects that require a significant number of resistors.

These SMD resistors are crucial components in modern electronics, contributing to the overall functionality and performance of electronic devices. When using such a pack, it's important to review the specifications to ensure they match your circuit requirements and to handle them appropriately during assembly or experimentation.

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