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0.22pF/0.00022nF/0.00000022uF 50v SMD Ceramic Capacitor 0603 Package (Pack of 20)

0.22pF/0.00022nF/0.00000022uF 50v SMD Ceramic Capacitor 0603 Package (Pack of 20)

0.22pF/0.00022nF/0.00000022uF 50v SMD Ceramic Capacitor 0603 Package (Pack of 20)

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product highlights

  1. Capacitance: 0.22pF
  2. Voltage: 50V
  3. Mounting type: SMD/SMT
  4. Operating temperature: -55ºC to 125ºC
  5. Supplied in tape on reel
  6. Nickel-barrier end termination
  7. RoHS compliant
  8. Halogen Free compliant

SMD Ceramic Capacitors: An Informative Guide

Introduction to SMD Ceramic Capacitors

Surface-Mount Device (SMD) ceramic capacitors are essential components in modern electronic circuits. These capacitors are widely used due to their small size, high reliability, and excellent performance characteristics. Understanding their features, applications, and benefits is crucial for anyone involved in electronics design and manufacturing.

What are SMD Ceramic Capacitors?

SMD ceramic capacitors are passive electronic components designed to store and release electrical energy. They are constructed using ceramic materials as the dielectric, which determines their capacitance and voltage ratings. The surface-mount technology allows these capacitors to be soldered directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs), making them suitable for compact and densely populated electronic devices.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Compact Size: SMD ceramic capacitors are available in various package sizes, making them ideal for applications where space is limited. Common sizes include 0402, 0603, 0805, and 1206, with dimensions measured in inches.

  2. High Reliability: These capacitors exhibit excellent reliability, with a low failure rate and long operational lifespan. They are resistant to environmental factors such as temperature changes, humidity, and mechanical stress.

  3. Wide Capacitance Range: SMD ceramic capacitors offer a broad range of capacitance values, from a few picofarads (pF) to several microfarads (µF). This versatility makes them suitable for various applications, from signal filtering to energy storage.

  4. Stable Performance: The ceramic dielectric material provides stable performance over a wide frequency range. This stability is essential for applications requiring precise capacitance values and minimal signal distortion.

  5. Low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR): SMD ceramic capacitors typically have low ESR, which enhances their efficiency in high-frequency applications. Low ESR minimizes power loss and heat generation, improving overall circuit performance.

Applications of SMD Ceramic Capacitors

  1. Consumer Electronics: SMD ceramic capacitors are widely used in smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other consumer electronics due to their small size and reliable performance.

  2. Automotive Electronics: In the automotive industry, these capacitors are essential for engine control units (ECUs), infotainment systems, and various sensors. Their ability to withstand harsh environments makes them suitable for automotive applications.

  3. Industrial Equipment: Industrial machinery and control systems benefit from the durability and reliability of SMD ceramic capacitors. They are used in power supplies, motor drives, and communication systems.

  4. Medical Devices: The medical field relies on SMD ceramic capacitors for devices such as pacemakers, diagnostic equipment, and portable medical instruments, where precision and reliability are critical.

  5. Telecommunications: Telecommunication infrastructure, including routers, switches, and base stations, utilizes SMD ceramic capacitors for signal filtering and power management.

Types of SMD Ceramic Capacitors

  1. Class I Capacitors: These capacitors, such as C0G (NP0) and U2J, offer high stability and low dielectric loss. They are suitable for applications requiring precise capacitance values and minimal variation over temperature and frequency.

  2. Class II Capacitors: Examples include X7R, X5R, and Y5V capacitors. They provide higher capacitance values but exhibit more significant variations with temperature and applied voltage. They are used in applications where stability is less critical, but higher capacitance is needed.


SMD ceramic capacitors are indispensable components in modern electronics, offering a combination of small size, high reliability, and excellent performance characteristics. Their versatility and wide range of applications make them a preferred choice for designers and engineers across various industries. Understanding their features and benefits can help in selecting the right capacitor for specific applications, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in electronic circuits.

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