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Flame Sensor

Discover the power of our cutting-edge flame sensor for advanced fire detection and safety. Our flame sensor offers reliable and accurate flame detection, providing early warning for potential fire hazards. Combine this sensor with hall sensors and ultrasonic sensors for comprehensive environmental monitoring and control.

Whether it's for industrial applications, smart buildings, or robotics, our flame sensor delivers exceptional performance and complements other sensors like LiDAR sensor for a holistic approach to sensing solutions.

Upgrade your systems with our state-of-the-art flame sensor and sensor integration to enhance safety measures and achieve greater efficiency in your projects.

SKU: RM002220
₹ 50.00
SKU: RM002219
1) can detect the flame or wavelength at 760 nm to 760 nm range of light, the lighter the test flame distance is 80 cm, on the flame, the greater the distance test2) the detection Angle of 60 degrees or so, particularly sensitive to the flame spectrum3) the sensitivity adjustable digital potentiom..
₹ 33.00
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