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Feviquick Bond

Feviquick Bond

Feviquick Bond

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Product Highlights

  • Applicable On: wood, leather, metals, plastics and ceramics
  • Special clog resistant nozzles on Fevikwik packs prevents wastage
  • Fevikwik can withstands temperature from -40 degree centigrade to 90 degree centigrade

Fevikwik is a special epoxy cyanoacrylate super glue used for adhesive bonding. That simply means it can bond almost anything instantly! Take a look at how you can use Fevikwik to fix a variety of things.

It was really disgusting to witness this drops of feviquick that spilled on the player at the junction where its USB was capped.., as now the only option as the pidlite claimed is the cap and the player are BOND with the best.

To ultimately use the player for anything i.e. sharing music files or listening it is evident, the player has to have the property of the USB stick..

A lot of people tried whatever came to their minds.

  • nail polish remover
  • knife
  • hot water

And the one to suffer was only mp3 player and me.

Finally, some googling and some application helped. What seemed to work out the separation was a hot knife. We heated the knife and applied it at the specific junction of the body of the player and the removable cap. We did it once, no help. Reheated. No result. Reheated. Voila. The beauty revealed itself!! The task ahead was to see if the machine still had the patience to be used for any good.


  • Fevikwik can bond a variety of surfaces like wood, leather, metals, plastics and ceramics in a matter of seconds.
  • Special clog resistant nozzles on Fevikwik packs prevents wastage.
  • Fevikwik can withstand temperatures from minus 40 degree centigrade to 90 degree centigrade.
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