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Fence Sink Bracket for 5CM Cooling Fan

Fence Sink Bracket for 5CM Cooling Fan

Fence Sink Bracket for 5CM Cooling Fan

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Product Highlights

  • Product: Fence Sink Bracket
  • Total Dimensions (46 x 46 x 5 mm)
  • Fan Size 50 mm
  • Material C1008 Steel

The metal guard is constructed of C1008 Steel with a nickel-chrome finish. It has four holes that can be screwed onto any cooling fan with an 50-millimetre square frame. Able to withstand 220 pounds of pull force at each joint, the guard was designed to withstand heavy usage.


  1. The fan guard creates a protective barrier between a fan’s blades and any foreign objects it may come into contact with.
  2. The blade is fragile and can be damaged if impacted by a foreign object during use.
  3. At high speeds, it can also cause damage to wires and fingers on contact.


  1. Product: Fence Sink Bracket
  2. Total Dimensions  (46 x 46 x 5 mm)
  3. Hole to Hole Distance  (4.5 x 4.5 mm)
  4. Screw Hole Size Ø .2 in. (Ø 4.9 mm)
  5. Fan Size 50 mm
  6. Material C1008 Steel
  7. Finish Nickel Chrome
  8. Ring Diameter Ø 1.5mm
  9. Rib Diameter Ø 1.8mm
  10. Pull Force 220 lbs
  11. Plug Guage Test Ø 6.355mm
*Note: Product may be differ as per shown in image
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