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DOBOT Robot Vision Kit

DOBOT Robot Vision Kit
DOBOT Robot Vision Kit
DOBOT Robot Vision Kit
DOBOT Robot Vision Kit
DOBOT Robot Vision Kit
DOBOT Robot Vision Kit

DOBOT Robot Vision Kit

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DOBOT Robot Vision Kit provides a basic software and hardware platform based on visual development. With the advantages of rich functions, stable performance, and convenient operation, it perfectly meets the needs of visual applications including visual positioning, measurement, detection, and recognition.


Support Third-Party Customization, Strong Compatibility

Compatible with DOBOT Magician, DOBOT M1, the Dobot Robot Vision Kit provides various types of SDK interfaces, building-block style development, and strong scalability. The vision kit supports GigEVision, USB3Vision protocol standards, and a variety of cameras of different brands that can be directly connected.

Abundant Visual Tools, Powerful Functions

With over a thousand of image processing operators, high-performance algorithms, and a powerful visual analysis tool library, the Dobot Robot Vision Kit enables users to quickly set up a machine vision application system and fulfill their needs in different experimental projects and applications.


Friendly and Easy-to-use Interface

The Dobot Vision Studio supports graphical interactions, drag-and-drop operations, and visual development. The configuration setup process is simple and flexible while the Backstage and Output interfaces can be easily customized.

Intuitive and Effective Teaching Demos

Abundant teaching demos including color recognition, barcode recognition, character recognition, measurement, calibration, alignment, image processing, etc., are provided along with the Dobot Vision Studio to help users understand the basics and operation principles of the Dobot Robot Vision Kit clearly and intuitively.

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