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DOBOT Magician Basic Kit

DOBOT Magician Basic Kit
DOBOT Magician Basic Kit
DOBOT Magician Basic Kit
DOBOT Magician Basic Kit

DOBOT Magician Basic Kit

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The Dobot Magician Basic Robot is the second generation model of this high precision 4-axis robotic arm. It is capable of grabbing, writing, drawing, laser engraving, 3D printing, and more. The Dobot Magician is very user-friendly and can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. The visualized programming interface makes it easy to code, using drag and drop command functions.


  1. High positioning repeatability up to 0.2mm, competitive with industrial robots
  2. User-friendly software interface makes the Dobot quick to deploy in any application
  3. It can write, draw, move and grab things by following your orders, laser-cut, solder the PCB board, and work with a 3D printing pen.
  4. Stepper motor equipped with high accuracy gear reducer allows the Dobot to DO REAL WORK!
  5. High strength aluminum alloy surface and processed by anodic oxidation treatment
  6. Easy to use, support 7 controlling methods ( PC, Mobile APP, Voice, Leap Motion, Gesture, Vision, and Mind Control EEG)
  7. Easy control methods for beginners and also serial port SDK and motion control interface for advanced makers, using C/C and Processing as primary languages
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