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Looking to take to the skies and explore the exciting world of drones? Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pilot, our range of high-quality kits has everything you need to build your own drone.

Our Drone Kits come with a variety of components, including the latest technology like Raspberry Pi and Arduino kits. With a Raspberry Pi kit, you can harness the power of this versatile microcomputer to enhance your drone's capabilities and enable advanced features such as autonomous flight or image recognition.

Take your aerial adventures into your own hands with our Drone Kits. From assembling the frame to programming flight modes, you'll enjoy a hands-on experience that combines engineering, electronics, and coding. Fly high with our Drone Kits and unlock endless possibilities in the world of unmanned aviation. Get started on your drone-building journey today!

SKU: RM000737
Introducing our feature-rich and reliable 6.25" Telescopic Antenna, designed to deliver exceptional performance in a compact package. This antenna is the perfect solution for radio enthusiasts, communication professionals, and anyone seeking enhanced signal reception.Key Features:Telescopic Design: ..
₹ 66.00
SKU: RM000735
A telescopic antenna is collapsible. It is a series of small diameter tubes nested one inside the other. The antenna can be extended to its full length or retracted to a small length for storage of portability. The Telescopic Antenna can be used for either receiving or transmitting. It can be used a..
₹ 35.00
SKU: RM000842
This gsm antenna working in 433mhz used in various applications.Features of GSM Antenna.MODEL: Small elbow antennaCentre Of Frequency (MHz): 433/868/915Gain (dBi):2.15Frequency Range (MHz): +/-5V. S. W. R: ≤1.5Length (cm): 5Input Impedance (Ω): 50Polarization (w) : VerticalMax-power (w) :50Working T..
₹ 60.00
SKU: RM014324
This is a 915Mhz 100mW Radio Telemetry Kit that is based on the 3DR Telemetry kit and is 100% compatible as it runs the same firmware onboard. This firmware used by 3D Robotics is completely open-source which is, of course, the reason we are able to use it on our own version at Unmanned Tech. The U..
₹ 4,852.00
SKU: RM004918
This PIXHAWK 2.4.8 Full Combo Kit consists of all in one required product for the drone flight controller. find all product included in this kit at below package includes.PIXHAWK PX4 2.4.8 Flight Controller is a high-performance autopilot-on-module suitable for fixed-wing, multi-rotors, helicopters,..
₹ 17,523.00
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