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DB3 Trigger Diode (Pack of 5)

DB3 Trigger Diode (Pack of 5)

DB3 Trigger Diode (Pack of 5)

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A diode is a two-terminal electronic component with asymmetric conductance; it has low resistance to current in one direction, and high resistance in the other direction.

Features of Db3 Trigger Diode:

  • Breakover Voltage (Vbo): 32V.
  • Output Voltage (Vo): 5V.
  • Repetitive Peak On-State Current (Itrm): 2.0A.
  • Breakover Current (Ibo): 0.100mA.
  • Breakover Current (Ibo): 0.100Ma.

Applications of 1n270 100v 40ma Germanium Diode:

  • It is used in rectifier circuit.
  • It is used in switching devices.
  • It is used in short circuiting protection purposes.

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