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Creality Coupling kit

Creality Coupling kit
Creality Coupling kit
Creality Coupling kit
Creality Coupling kit

Creality Coupling kit

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  • Brand: Creality
  • SKU: RM003597
Product Highlights
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Bore Diameter d1: 5 mm.
  • Bore Diameter d2: 8 mm.
  • Overall Length: 25 mm.
  • Outer Diameter Od: 20 mm.

This flexible type of motor coupling by Creality can connect your driving shaft with the driven shaft while it is very efficient in eliminating any misalignment to the possible extent. Minimum backlash is another great advantage of this Flexible coupling? Bore:5x8mm

This Flexible coupling with an outer diameter of 20mm and a length of 25mm is machined aluminum coupling.

The screws that clamp the shafts will be tightened, but not too much.?These types of clamping couplings will not damage the shafts.?

This 3d Printer coupling kit is corrosion resistant which also makes it more attractive in look.?By careful installation and maintenance of couplings, substantial savings can be made to reduce maintenance costs and annoying downtime.

Please note that the bore diameters of this product are d1=5mm and d2=8mm.


  1. Exhibits good strength.
  2. Hardened Mild Steel couplings.
  3. Fit for all CNC projects

Customer Service:

For technical assistance, contact Creality after-sales at Phone: +86 755 3396 5666 or email at [email protected].

You can also chat online at

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