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CM4-HEATSINK Special for Raspberry Pi CM4

CM4-HEATSINK Special for Raspberry Pi CM4

CM4-HEATSINK Special for Raspberry Pi CM4

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A heat sink is a component that increases the heat flow away from a hot device. It accomplishes this task by increasing the device’s working surface area and the amount of low-temperature fluid that moves across its enlarged surface area.

This is a dedicated aluminum heatsink designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4  (CM4). The heatsink is black and comes with a screw and thermal tape pack for attaching to your Compute Module 4. The mounting holes on the heatsink match the Compute Module mount holes perfectly.

In testing, Waveshare found that the heatsink reduced temperatures by ~11°C vs the bare CM4 board (your mileage may vary depending on usage and local conditions).


  1. Used for cooling the chips on Raspberry Pi
  2. The installation is simple
  3. It is very easy to mount it on the BGA chip
  4. Compatible with most Raspberry Pi cases
  5. Suitable for Auxiliary heat for Raspberry pi 2 model B/Raspberry Pi B+.
  6. Raspberry Pi B development boards and other electronic chips
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