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7.5" Telescopic Antenna

7.5" Telescopic Antenna

7.5" Telescopic Antenna

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  • 4.5 Inch
  • Telescopic Antenna

A telescopic antenna is collapsible. It is a series of small diameter tubes nested one inside the other. The antenna can be extended to its full length or retracted to a small length for storage of portability. The Telescopic Antenna can be used for either receiving or transmitting. It can be used as a receiving antenna from 25 MHz through the 1296 MHz Ham Band, and it can also be used as a 1/4 wavelength transmitting antenna from 130 MHz through 535MHz.

For transmitting, the antenna length must be set as close as possible to the transmitting frequency’s 1/4 wavelength. This ensures the best possible transmission by using the proper standing wave ratio (SWR).

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