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610 Meter UL1007 18AWG PVC Electronic Wire (Yellow)

610 Meter UL1007 18AWG PVC Electronic Wire (Yellow)

610 Meter UL1007 18AWG PVC Electronic Wire (Yellow)

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A PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride which offers superior insulation and protection to the wire core from environmental and electrical parameters. PVC wire is an electrical cable that is coated with PVC insulation which is known as a high-strength thermoplastic material.

Inside the wire, there are stranded copper conductors that can carry high currents according to AWG standards. The PVC wires are ideal for industrial as well as household machines and appliance wiring connections.PVC wires and cables also have good dielectric strength and are known for being flexible and easy to shape.

We have added a diverse range of PVC cables in differential Lengths, Colors, and AWG sizes. Explore the category and get the best-suited one for your project.

Note: Actual product may vary from image in terms of shape, size & design.

Features :

  1. These are super flexible cables that you can use in compact spaces.

  2. They can withstand high pressures. high copper strand count.

  3. Pure PVC outer sheath makes these cables quality products.

  4. PVC wire offers superior insulation, protection, and better temperature resistance

*Note: Product may be differ as per shown in image
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