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10gm ATN Solder Wire 2Pcs

10gm ATN Solder Wire 2Pcs

10gm ATN Solder Wire 2Pcs

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Brand: Generic

SKU: RM003527

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Warehouse Code: R00003-S04-P06-Z01

Product Highlights:

  • Leaded core solder wire of 10Gm
  • Core type solder wire,
  • Minimum resistance,
  • No additional flux or fast is required,
  • No dry solder
Quality Solder wire for efficient soldering. This solder wire has good solderability, insulation resistance, No spattering, and non-corrosive. Its composition  of Tin and Lead.  Widely used in electrical and electronics, solder parts like a circuit board, electronics devices, and others.
  1. Composition: Tin + Lead
  2. Weight: 10gms
  3. Size: 22swg
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