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Tactile Switch 4 Pin 6mm

Tactile Switch 4 Pin 6mm
Tactile Switch 4 Pin 6mm
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Tactile switches (a specific type of momentary switch) are everywhere and they are especially popular on DIY electronics and microcontroller boards because they are well suited to act as a boot option or reset switch. Particularly, momentary switches are switches that don't save their state when you depress the switch. That is, when you push the switch (and while you have the switch depressed) the circuit is ON, but once you let off the switch it reverts back to OFF.

Features of Tactile Switch 4 Pin:

  • Heavy strong plastic material.
  • Size: 6 X 6mm.
  • Easy to use.

Applications of Tactile Switch 4 Pin:

  • DIY projects.
  • Reset switch.
  • Restart switch.
  • Electrical/electronic mini or major projects.

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