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Spring Test Probe - Pointed Head for Arduino

Spring Test Probe - Pointed Head for Arduino
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Spring Test Probe - Pointed Head for Arduino
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For touch contact Testing and Programming of Devices in Production at low cost. All you have to do is connect this pogo pins to base or programmer and leave a pads on final target board. When testing make contact and do testing quickly. This what we do for our PIC based products, We just give 6 pin pads on target board and make contact via PICKIT3 to which these pogo pins are connected.

These make good electric contact and has long term durability. Its is a flexible solution for both DIY users and production application. It is able to be soldered to various cables for LCDs / programming PIC / Atmel MCUs on circuit boards.

It can be connected with programmers ISP for production Contact Programming.

  • Type of header: Serrated
  • Length - 33.35mm
  • Full Stroke : 6.2mm
  • Spring Pressure : 180g
  • Current Rating : 3A
  • Current Resistance : 50mΩ
  • Plunger : Heat Treated Beryllium Copper
  • Application Ideas
  • Menu selection
  • Data entry for embedded systems
  • Control panel

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Q: what is price of Spring Test Probe

A: Approx INR 25 only

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