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SB580/80V/5A Schottky Barrier Diode

SB580/80V/5A Schottky Barrier Diode
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SB580/80V/5A Schottky Barrier Diode
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A diode is a two-terminal electronic component with asymmetric conductance; it has low resistance to current in one direction, and high resistance in the other direction.

Features of Sb580/80v/5a Schottky Barrier Diode:

  • Peak Repet. Reverse Voltage (Vrrm): 80V.
  • Forward Continous Current (If): 5.0A.
  • Max. Reverse Current (Ir): 0.5mA.
  • Max. Forward Voltage Drop (Vf): 0.85V.
  • Total Power Dissipation (Ptot): 5000Mw.

Applications of Sb580/80v/5a Schottky Barrier Diode:

  • Ultra high speed switching.
  • Voltage clamping.
  • Protection circuit.
  • Blocking diodes.

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