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RDA5807 FM Stereo Low IF Digital Radio Module

RDA5807 FM Stereo Low IF Digital Radio Module
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RDA5807 FM Stereo Low IF Digital Radio Module
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Use RDA5807 chip research and development form a new generation of digital FM radio module, mainly used in MP3/MP4 media player with analogue radio module and has an outstanding performance, excellent sound quality, minimal noise, lower power consumption and high integration. This module can be directly compatible with TEA5767 in the software part of the product, and can be used as a module replacement of TEA5767 for most of the features. RDA5807 can directly drive European headset, no external amplifier required, a lot stronger performance than TEA5767.

Module Features:
  • China's first use of FM radio chip CMOS process;
  • Driving ability, can directly drive headphones and amplifiers;
  • Low power consumption, than the most advanced digital radio program, low up to 1mA;
  • Frequency coverage of countries from 76M-108M FM band;
  • A high degree of integration, the number of peripheral devices required to almost zero;
  • Strong LOW-IF digital audio structure;
  • Powerful digital signal processing (DSP), automatic frequency control and automatic gain control;
  • Digital adaptive noise reduction to accept high sensitivity, excellent sound quality, excellent stereo sound;
  • Support the heavy bass, adjustable radio search features such as soft mute and blend;
  • Only one 32.768K crystal as a reference clock;
  • Support the I2C and SPI digital interface, audio interface supports I2C.
  • Digital volume control; linear Analog output voltage;
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