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Flexible 8x8 NeoPixel RGB LED Matrix

Flexible 8x8 NeoPixel RGB LED Matrix
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Flexible 8x8 NeoPixel RGB LED Matrix
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  • SKU: RM003312

For advanced NeoPixel fans, we how have a bendable, Flexible 8x8 NeoPixel LED Matrix!Control all 64 ultra-bright LEDs using a single microcontroller pin, set each LED as you wish to scroll messages or draw little images. This matrix has a thick flexible PCB backing that can be gently bent and curved around surfaces

You can use this matrix just like any other NeoPixel-compatible product.

With 64 LEDs, you can have up to 4A of current draw if all the LEDs are on bright white. You can use our 5V 4A5V 2A or even a 5V 10A power supplyFor portable use, if you are drawing less than 3A, try out this [email protected] UBEC,

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