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Flame Sensor

SKU: RM002219
1) can detect the flame or wavelength at 760 nm to 760 nm range of light, the lighter the test flame distance is 80 cm, on the flame, the greater the distance test2) the detection Angle of 60 degrees or so, particularly sensitive to the flame spectrum3) the sensitivity adjustable digital potentiom..
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SKU: RM002220
₹ 116.82
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SeeedStudio Grove Flame Sensor SeeedStudio Grove Flame Sensor
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SKU: RM015548
Need a device for detecting fire? We have brought the Grove – Flame Sensor v1.1 especially for you. It can be used to detect the fire source as well as other light sources of wavelength range 760 nm to 11oo nm. This sensor is based on the YG1006 sensor which is a high speed and high sensitive NPN si..
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Waveshare Flame Sensor Waveshare Flame Sensor
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SKU: RM015547
The Flame Sensor is used for detecting fire without any fire protection for itself, please keep a distance from the fire to avoid damage. Sensitive to flame spectrum Features wide-range voltage comparator LM393 Adjustable sensitivity Signal output indicatorApplication:Fire detectionFire fighting rob..
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