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ESP8266 serial WIFI module ESP-13

ESP8266 serial WIFI module ESP-13
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ESP8266 serial WIFI module ESP-13
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The ESP module is a Smart Connectivity Platform (ESCP) of high performance wireless SOCs, for mobile platform designers, provides unsurpassed ability to embed Wi-Fi capabilities within other systems, at the lowest cost with the greatest functionality.

ESP8266 Serial WIFI Module

Features of ESP8266 Serial WIFI Module:

  • 802.11 b/g/n protocol.
  • Wi-Fi Direct (P2P), soft-AP.
  • Integrated TCP/IP protocol stack.
  • +19.5dBm output power in 802.11b mode.
  • Integrated temperature sensor.
  • Supports antenna diversity.
  • Power down leakage current of < 10uA.
  • Integrated low power 32-bit CPU could be used as application processor.
  • SDIO 2.0, SPI, UART.
  • STBC, 1×1 MIMO, 2×1 MIMO.
  • A-MPDU & A-MSDU aggregation & 0.4us guard interval.
  • Wake up and transmit packets in < 2ms.
  • Standby power consumption of < 1.0mW (DTIM3).

Applications of ESP8266 Serial WIFI Module:

  • Smart power plugs.
  • Home automation.
  • Mesh network.
  • Industrial wireless control.
  • IP Cameras.
  • Sensor networks.
  • Wi-Fi location-aware devices.
  • Wi-Fi position system beacons.

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