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Desoldering Pump - High Quality

Desoldering Pump - High Quality
Desoldering Pump - High Quality
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DESOLDERING is the process of removing soldered components from a circuit made on PCB. De-soldering pump along with the soldering iron is used for this purpose. A de-soldering pump also known as solder sucker is a small mechanical device which sucks the liquid/molten solder from the joint where the components are mounted.

Features of Disordering Pump - High Quality:

  • Use for removing multi-legged Components and excess solder from printed Circuit Board.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Sturdy construction, affords quick suction.
  • Easy replaceable Teflon nozzle assembly.

Applications of Disordering Pump - High Quality:

  • To de-soldering the components.

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