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Copper Clad Board (10 x 10) cm

Copper Clad Board (10 x 10) cm
Copper Clad Board (10 x 10) cm
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This is a (10X10)cm Copper Clad Board used for making your own single sided PCB using various stages of PCB Manufacturing. This board is for the Hobbyists to manufacture their own PCB'S.

Features of Copper Clad Board (10X10):

  • Dissolve readily in safe and inexpensive solvents, so are easy to use for impregnating.
  • Adhere well to both copper foil and electroless copper.
  • Bond well to glass fiber finished with epoxy - silane.
  • Drill easily (bits are deflected by the glass fibers, rather than the resin).
  • Can be formulated to be flame-retardant.

Applications of Copper Clad Board (10X10):

  • It is used to make PCB manually.
  • Multiple DIY projects.

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